Langdon Holmes

PhD Student
Applied Linguistics

Atlanta, GA 30308

I am a graduate assistant in the Applied Linguistics department at Georgia State University where I teach in the intensive english program, take coures, and research using big datasets. My research is focused on learner language development, computational linguistics, and corpus methods.

I received my Master's in Linguistics from California State University Long Beach in 2021. I studied the teaching of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) under the direction of Dr. Sarvenaz Hatami. There I worked on lexical development, including the development of a tool for extracting phraseologically interesting non-adjacent word combinations, 'collocations':

I currently study Applied Linguistics at Georgia State University. I am a member of the learning analytics team at the National AI Institute for Adult Learning and Online Education (AI-ALOE).

My perspective on language acquisition is that it is mostly a process of acquiring word knowledge, rather than grammatical knowledge. My research primarily focuses on developing metrics of word knowledge. I am exploring how these metrics can be combine with other tools to benefit assessment, dynamic feedback, and personalization in AI-assisted learning.



  • (In progress) PhD in Applied Linguistics
    Georgia State University
  • M.A. in Linguistics, TESOL specialization, 2021
    California State University, Long Beach
  • B.A. in Comparative Literature, 2016
    University of California, Los Angeles